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Episode II: Attack of the Fleas

I spend about 86 mazillion dollars a month on my pets.  I love them, and they are worth it, and I don’t want them to have fleas, or worms, or mites, or anything that may crawl on me at night and lay eggs in my hair (have you guys heard that story about the lady and the spiders?  Snopes says false I say yuck! I don’t wanna take any chances!).

Enter new yellow kitty, left stage

So, about the sad baby tiny kitten that was left alone in the abandoned house, yeah, that one.  I, um, well, er hmmmm…Ihaveanothercatnow.  This, my dear friends, is somthing I needed about as much as I need a hole in my head.  Seriously?  The world needed another folk singer before I needed another cat, so put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Cracker.  The sad tiny baby kitten was pretty bad off so I immediately took her to my vet.  She does not have FIV and whatever else they test for but she does have ALL of the creepy crawlies!  I practically had to take out a second mortage before I was able to bring her home to my plethora of cats.  Six baths and some major(ly gross) ear cleaning later, I am the proud owner of a kit lovingly named Peach (not Peaches b/c I don’t want her to grown up to be a stripper people) (and sorry if anyone named Peaches ever happens to read this, but your mom gave you a pole name).  I am going to have her spayed and then try to re-home her.  She will be well socialized with kiddos and other cats so if you know of anyone that may need a kitten in about 2 weeks and they live in the greater Atlanta area, give me a shout.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for Episode III: Pass me a Fifth

edit: I found a home for Peach on Sunday.  I went to the home yesterday to clean, only to find 2 more kittens.