My birthday weekend, or “why ziplines and beer don’t mix”

Oh jolly ole’ birthday weekend, you are so wonderful!  I can be a bitch and then be all “it’s my birthday weekend” and all is good in the hood.  I don’t really mind getting older because I’m still not ancient so another year doesn’t mean another medication at this point.  I am now the age of Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix when they died so I am skipping the heroin altogether this year.  It’s kinda my birthday resolution.

Saturday night my friend threw me a party at her house.  This was not a good idea since last time I was there I got drunk and went down her half pike on my ass (there was a skateboard involved).  on purpose.  They now have a sky chair and a zip line.  I guess you can see where this is going?  When you are 15 feet in the air and you tell someone to “drop you” you should probably be specific.  I wasn’t, and they dropped me.  on purpose.  Happy Fucking Birthday to me. 

There was also a zipline, and a mystery gigataziod cut on my leg, but other than that I played rockband until the sun came up and had a merry old time.

Looking back on my life thus far I can pretty much say that I am rad as shit.  To be so young (which I am) I think I have accomplished a lot.  So much in fact that I’m not doing shit this year.  That’s right, I’m taking it easy and taking up marijuana, because something has to replace the heroin, right?


2 comments so far

  1. Chris on

    There’s always meth.

  2. hebba on

    oh who needs heroin when there are so many ziplines?

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