I fought the law and I won! (Alternate title: I’m a badass)

OK, so I didn’t actually *fight* buuuut I have been going to court over this STUPID ticket for the past 3 months and missing a heap of work.  I worked a little of my magic and the cop dropped the charges.  Just like that.  As in, bye, you can leave now, no need to see the judge.  My bf is an attorney by day (superhero by night, duh) and she said that NEVA happens.  I maintain that I am a badass.

What a judge can’t fix a nice set of legs can, honey, haven’t you heard? 


2 comments so far

  1. Jenny, Bloggess on

    I totally flash the cop when I get pulled over. Seriously, I’m all unbuttoning my shirt and everything. It’s ridiculous. But it works.

  2. Chris on

    Congrats, badass!

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