It’s one millllllion degrees here

Nothing about this weather is doing anything positive for my look, unless shiny foreheads, frizz, and pit stains are suddenly all the rage.

Summer (which does not officially start for 17 more days is my next to the least favorite season (after winter b/c, duh, you can’t swim).  The swealtering heat coupled with the shitty weekend traffic from all of those lovely people going to/fro Florida sucks hard!  Also, (and then I will be through with the complaining) my office, which is fah fah away from the thermostat, happens to be the only office with windows.  Did I mention that my windows were made in the Bermuda Triangle and are made of some “diva” type material, in that the sun rises AND sets on them. 

If you know anything about how your typical thermostat works you know that it measures the temperature within a 1 inch radius, and then tells the unit “more cool refreshing air” or “stop blowing” based on that temperature (or at least that’s what my ex said and, didn’t you know? he knows everything!). 

Our thermostat is in the coolest, darkest place imaginable. 

My office is in the hotest, sunshineyest place imaginable. 

Right now our thermostat is set at 76 (which, really?), meaning that my office is about 2 degrees cooler than hell.  I’m in hell.  A hell where the booze, coke, and loose women are replaced with coffee, customers, and, well, still loose women.  A hell with a special spot saved for the people who designed this building.




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  1. Paige on

    Hi there! I’m stopping by from Jen’s website, and your posts are cracking me up! I totally agree with you about hating summer! I LOVE where I work, but it does not have central air (Seriously Northern people, get with the freaking times!) so I’m constantly sweating my ass off during the summer, even with our industrial sized window unit. It definitely sucks. Anyway, nice to meet you!

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